The Hibernia Mines


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Bat Conservation International: White-Nose Syndrome

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ: White Nose Syndrome Research

White-Nose Syndrome


Reference for the fourth panel was found in John Reuben Chapin’s “Artist-Life In The Highlands Of New Jersey” which ran in the April 1860 edition of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. A copy of the article can be seen at’s+View+of+the+New+Jersey+Iron+Mines+in+1860

I’ve drawn little brown bats here, because mainly little brown bats have been observed in Hibernia, but the federally endangered Indiana bat also uses the mines, as well as eastern pipistrelles and big brown bats. Rick Dutko’s article from fall 1994 in BATS Magazine gives history and information on conservation efforts at the Hibernia Mines:

WIRED recently ran a story about White-Nose Syndrome and the devastation it has brought to bats in the U.S.: